Style Your Curly Hair

How to Successfully Style Your Curly Hair With CocoBerry HairCare

The thought of styling curly hair can certainly fill a person with anxiety. This is why CocoBerry was created to give stress-free styling options for hair.

Cocoberry Hair Styling Basics

Growing up with curly hair can have many challenges. A good hair routine for any hair type takes time, a good hair routine for curly hair is double the amount of time. Curly hair takes longer to wash, dry, and style. Curly hair can be thin or it can be thick. The key to success is to find your curl type. This way you can style your curly hair and maintain structure/ pattern with the right products and steps. For a head of healthy curls, you need products that help keep the hair moisturized and hydrated. This will keep the curl pattern fresh. Also, did you know you can have different curl patterns on your head? This is true and it makes styling a bit more of a challenge. CocoBerry products are great for all types of curls. Let's take a look at curl styling and how to incorporate CocoBerry into your styling routine.

Professional voices matter! We spoke to a Toronto professional hair stylist Alecia S, to find out about her 20-year experience working on curly hair and how to maintain them.  

"If you have thick or coarse curly hair texture you need a cream or serum that is without silicon's and alcohols, as they will dry out the hair too much and lead to breakage. Silicon does not penetrate the cuticle as most people believe. It does absolutely nothing to fix the hair. It is like fast food, it feels good when applied but can cause long-term damage with overuse. It coats the hair like a barrier. This leads the hair unable to absorb moisturize and nurturance. Try not to over-wash your hair shampooing should be limited to once a week for most thicker curly types. For individuals with thin curls, every three days for finer hair should be perfectly acceptable."

Tips On How To Get Perfect CocoBerry Curls

The first step is to wash. For a great start to your curly hair styling journey, you need to choose a special curly hair shampoo and conditioner. We recommend our CocoBerry Hair Curl Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. Using a good shampoo that is specially formulated for curly hair will leave your curls feeling, light, lifted, and fresh. A lot of something good can be a bad thing. Overwashing is a big issue in North America. There are good and bad bacteria on the scalp. Ruining your scalp's microbiome with the overuse of harsh surfactants is exactly what we don't want you to do.

Washing your hair can be more challenging if you have curly hair. Since everyone's hair type is different some routines take longer than others. The CocoBerry line is universal. It is made for curly hair types but it is suitable for types of hair. Even if you have straight thin or fine hair you can make your hair even better with CocoBerry. We balance out our formulas to make sure our products don't weigh down your curls or make them greasy. This set's shampoo and conditioner are lightweight and provide powerful hydration with ingredients like blueberry oil and Hyaluronic Acid. Our shampoo and conditioner system will help keep your curls tight and coils bouncy. Especially for individuals with curl types 3 and 4. Also, our shampoo is safe for colored hair due to the hyaluronic acid. The hyaluronic acid nanoparticles form an intense bond with water. In hair applications, it penetrates the fiber filling and intensely moisturizes the strands, making them brighter and healthier, also being effective for frizz reduction, color maintenance, and decreasing scalp irritation.

The coconut water provides moisturizing that is needed for most curly hairstyles. Also, we have added a blend of wheat and soy amino acids that works to expand when your hair is wet and retracts when it’s dry to keep your hair shiny and frizz-free. Our ingredients work to hydrate and provide a moisture burst all day long to leave hair soft, and glossy and keep the curls well defined. To get the most out of the CocoBerry Curl Repair pair, shampoo just your roots and scalp to avoid stripping moisture from the bulk of your hair. This is especially important if you have dry and over-processed hair. Thoroughly rinse your hair and scalp. Leaving shampoo on your head can lead to buildup and irritation. Once you finish the wash it's time for the next step conditioning. Apply the CocoBerry Conditioner from your mid-lengths down to the ends to prevent your roots from getting oily quickly. Curls maintain their shape and keep their moisture better when you don’t wash your hair every day. Going a few days between washes or even a week is highly recommended. For stronger conditioning, we recommend using a mask once a week to deep condition and seal in moisture. Here is a trick we recommend, mix equal parts of Cocoberry Hair Curl Repair Conditioner with the CocoBerry Hair Curl Repair Miracle Serum. Mix until uniform and apply to hair as a treatment mask. This treatment mask will restore moisture to your curls and transform damaged hair back to being vibrant and bouncy.

Apply The CocoBerry Hair Curl Repair Miracle Serum

Curls can become frizzy once they start to dry. To keep them defined and smooth, you must apply your hair products while your hair is still soaking wet. Use the CocoBerry Hair Curl Repair Miracle Serum. This product was designed to lock in moisture, shape the curl and prevent frizz. It acts to smooth, seal and create a light hold for wavy to curly hair. This serum is truly a miracle multifunctional product that helps enhance hair texture and movement.

Gently Dry Your Curls

Air drying your hair is the best way to maintain the shape of your curls and also prevent frizz. Heat can be damaging to hair. Unfortunately, most of us cannot go out with dripping wet hair, especially in the northern hemisphere during the winter. Try using a T-shirt or even a pillowcase instead of a terry cloth towel. This technique will help you soak up a lot of moisture without causing friction that leads to knotting. Choose a soft jersey fabric that won’t ruin your curls. You can also use a microfiber towel. You can squeeze dry your hair to release water with an ultra-fine microfiber non-terry cloth towel or water-absorbing material.

How You Brush Your Hair Matters

Split your hair into 3-4 sections and begin by tackling the knots and tangles at the back of your head. Work on each section from bottom to top. Work on each tangle from the bottom very carefully not to damage the hair. Once you’ve cleared the knots, move your way up through the mid-lengths until you can pull the comb or brush all the way through from root to tip. Keep going as you move from one section to the next. For optimal results, we highly advise using a wide-toothed comb instead of a brush. Curly-haired individuals need to be careful about forcing a brush through their hair too harshly as this can feel like torture. The goal is to not fight the hair and its direction of growth. Use a serum like the miracle serum which also works as a detangle with a detangling tool that works through your curls, not against them. A wide-toothed comb like gets the job done without starting a war with your curly locks.

Prep and Style

The hair on your scalp matters. The tighter the curls, the more oil fails to spread evenly along the hair fiber. This creates problems. When you have straight hair, you can brush more often and more easily. This helps move the sebum around the scalp and hair. This provides lubrication, without the lubrication, your hair fibers will become very dry. A good moisturizing product like the CocoBerry Miracle Serum will help you moisturize your scalp and hair. Begin with the product at the scalp and move down to the follicles. When applying the product turn your head upside down. As you apply the product all over your hair use your fingers to scrunch the product into your curls. When you are right side up you can then run your fingers gently through the curls. Curl and twist your curls to keep the curl pattern. You can twist small sections at a time and pin them close to your scalp, braid pieces here and there, or scrunch your whole head to encourage the curl. You can finish with a diffuser to help dry your hair faster.

Once You Finish Styling - Moisturize The Ends Of Your Hair

Like with any hairstyle, once you finish you’ll want to use a product that is designed to moisturize split ends can take this a step further by sealing your hair fibers and preventing further breakage from happening. Our CocoBerry Miracle Curl Repair Serum has onion extract. Onion bulbs contain fructose, water-soluble carbohydrates, glucose, sucrose, fructooligosaccharides (FOS), and fructans constituting 60-80% of dry weight. FOS are not only energy reserves, but also act as osmorregulators capable of retaining large amounts of water, maintaining hydration and balance of the skin barrier and hair. The great affinity of onion extract for hair and skin can be explained by the presence of the groups -S- (O) -S- of the Thiosulphines, which interact with the HS groups present in cysteine, a component of beta-keratin found abundantly in these tissues. Studies have shown that onion extract has a therapeutic effect on alopecia areata, this activity can be attributed to stimulating hair growth through antigenic competition, reducing inflammatory cytokines in the hair follicle. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of onion extract make it an excellent ally in protecting the hair against UV rays and pollution, promoting tissue regeneration

Live The Curly Girl LifeStyle

There are several things that you can do to help you maintain your curly hair. These are daily lifestyle adjustments that can easily be incorporated into your life. One example is trying to sleep on a silk pillowcase. By switching from cotton to silk you can prevent yourself from waking up with a head full of frizz and tangle. You can also sleep with your hair wrapped in a silk scarf or turban. Another lifestyle addition is adding nutritional supplements like collagen and omegas that can contribute to better hair growth.

Dyeing Curly Hair

All because your hair isn't straight doesn't mean you can not experience the fun of coloring your hair in a new vibrant hue. There are several things to consider when dyeing your hair. If you have naturally dark hair and you want to go dark you will need to bleach it first. Be careful of bleaching curly hair. " When going lighter or bleaching curly, you can damage the curl and ruin the natural curl pattern. Lightening curly hair can remove elasticity. This means the hair is prone to losing its shape and breaking. There are special products that are made for curly hair to prevent this" says Alecia. Also, consider dyeing your hair with a temporary or wash-out color.


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